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Check out the following website shared by Christie Haddox!  These activities will help your elementary students "Learn on the Move!"  It is a WONDERFUL WAY to teach Reading/LA, Math, Science, Social Studies, PE, and Health...all while having the students up and moving!  The website is:

Another great website shared by Kristin Stewart includes academic games, videos, and interactives that are tagged by subject, grade, and Common Core Standards. This is an AMAZING website for grades K-12...and it's FREE!  The website is:

Ritchie County teachers and students were VERY EXCITED to welcome two former WVU football stars and a Hall of Fame Coach on Thursday to teach the kids the importance of having an active and healthy lifestyle.  Don Nehlen spoke alongside Aaron Beasley and Jimmy Gary, motivating kids to eat healthy and stay active!  The Mountaineers are "teaming" up with the 'nPlay Foundation to help fight childhoold obesity. Following the kickoff, Beasley and Gary joined the students to participate in a demonstration of the HopSports ~ Brain Breaks ~ program.  This program is designed to get students up and moving for short periods of time throughout the day to help improve mind and body connections, as well as promote physical activity.